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Fairfield Mayor Jim Gasparini is not totally satisfied with the recently release study of the Pompton Dam’s role in the most recent flooding.

“While I am encouraged by the Governor and the NJDEP initiating this study to identify the changes in our recent flooding patterns, I feel it is a more complicated problem than an increase in rainfall.  While I realize that the reported 60 additional inches of rainfall in the last 6 years is a contributing factor to flooding, some obvious questions still remain unanswered.  One being, after the dam was re-built, where did the additional water that was once stored in the Pompton Lake go?  While no being a hydrologist, my practical observation is that it came downstream faster and for a longer period of time.”

I realize that there is no “silver bullet” to immediately solve this problem that has left our community severely impacted over the last few years, but I feel we need to dig deeper to find the underlying problem and offer a meaningful solution to those impacted.”

Fairfield has been cleaning the river over last 7 weeks and removed over 150 trees to improve the river’s flow.  We are working the with NJDOT and have been advised that this summer an improvement to RT 46, near the Willowbrook Mall, will avoid the closing of the highway that gridlocks us during storm events, and I will continue to work with State and Federal officials to remediate any other solvable causes to the flooding issues.

This is an ongoing problem and we are committed to finding solutions.


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