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 11/19/2012 - SBA Encourages Hurricane Sandy Survivors in New Jersey to Apply for Assistance Before Insurance Settlement (English Version)      (Spanish Version)

11/05/2012 - 11:00am  This message is from the Township of Fairfield with the most recent information regarding restoration of power. For this first time in recent days we can offer some specific information regarding power restoration. Crews are working in the Township restoring power.  At this point in time it is estimated that 10% of the Township is still without power, but based on the information provided we anticipate that number to be decreased considerably within the next 24-36 hours.  It is most unfortunate that the people most affected by these outages don’t receive these messages, so please share this information with anyone you may know who is still without electrical services.    

Everyone is reminded that polls will be opened tomorrow between the hours of 6am – 8pm at the regular polling locations. For anyone unable to vote at their regular location due to being displaced, provisional ballots will be available at other polling places.  Please contact our Municipal Clerk if you have any questions regarding Election Day.

For the remainder of the day we will continue to operate our emergency center at 376 Hollywood Avenue to provide warmth as well as the ability to charge cell phones and computers.

We continue to collect clothing for those in need and are taking donations at the Fairfield Municipal Building between the hours of 8:30am-4:30pm

For updates please contact the Office of Emergency Management at 973-882-2700 extension 739

 11/03/2012-3:45pm-This is a message from the Fairfield OEM.  Hot meals will be served this evening at the Community Center located at 376 Hollywood Avenue for residents in the affected areas. Please come and enjoy a hotl meal and warm up, charge your cell phones.

 11/03/2012-2:00PM-This is a message from the Township of Fairfield with an update on the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  The Office of Emergency Management has opened an emeregency shelter located at the Community Center 376 Hollywood Avenue for residents who still continue to be without power.  The shelter also serves as a warming and charging center with internet access, refreshments and snacks.  The shelter will be opened throughout the weekend. 

Governor Christie has issued an Executive Order on the restriction of fuel.  As of Saturday, November 3rd fuel will be provided on an odd and even basis determined by your vehicle license plate.

The Fairfield Volunteer Fire Department will be holding a clothing drive on Sunday, November 4th between 9am-12noon,  The drop-off location wil be at 51 Plymouth Street (Fire House).  Items in needed are winter clothing and bathing products.  This drive will benefit residents of South Jersey

As a reminder Govenor Christie has postponed "Halloween" until Monday, November 5th.

For an update contact OEM 973-882-2730 extension 739


11/03/2012-11:50AM- As a reminder Governor Christie had issued an Executive Order postponing "Halloween" until Monday, November 5th throughout the State.

11/01/2012 - 2:30PM

This message is from the Township of Fairfield with an update on the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Electricity has been, and continues to be, restored in portions of our community.  The complexity of the initial cause of the loss of power is dictating how long restoration will take.  While simple malfunctions have been corrected, more complex and serious ones will naturally take longer.  We appreciate your patience in dealing with this problem. Caution is still to be used in avoiding any downed wires since they may pose a serious threat.

We will continue to have the Community Center at 376 Hollywood Avenue operational during the hours of 8am—8pm.  People are welcome to come in warm up, charge their cell phones, enjoy refreshments and watch a movie.

By Executive Order issued by Governor Christie, sewer and water use should be curtailed since suppliers at both facilities are experiencing problems related to the hurricane. 

In another Executive Order issued by the Governor "Halloween" has been postponed until Monday, November 5th throughout the State.

For updates please contact OEM at 973-882-2700 extension 739

 10/31/2012-2:00PM-This is an update from the Township of Fairfield on Hurricane Sandy.  After consultation with representatives from PSE&G, the full restoration of power may not be completed in some areas of Essex for a period of 7-10 days.  It is uncertain at this time at what point services in Fairfield will be reconnected, however, the utility companies are prioritizing sewer and water plants, hospitals and other critical facilities.  For those people operating emergency generators we urge you to be judicious in using your gas supplies since the likelihood of readily available fuel may become a problem.  We are recommending using your generator less during daytime hours, and also suggest in order to conserve gasoline that you turn off your generator while asleep.  Unnecessary travel should also be curtailed since gas is becoming scarce due to the power outages as well as the increased demand. This advice is precautionary and residents would be better served by preparing for the worse while hoping for the best. 

We are opening a temporary center for the purpose of warming up and charging cell phones at the Community Center located at 376 Hollywood Avenue.  The hours of operation are between 8:00am till 8:00pm.

For anyone without service who has the ability to relocate with friends or relatives who have electrical service it is recommend that you do so.

For updates please contact OEM 973-882-2700 extension 739

10/31/2012-9:00AM-Due to hundreds of downed electrical wires, trees and additional falling branches, we advise that all Fairfield parents and guardians modify all Halloween door to door trick or treating.  We recommend outdoor activities only during daylight hours on Saturday 11/03/2012.  The safety of the children is our paramount concern.  Live electrical lines are not always visible under leaves and dangling tree branches and pose a hazard to public safety.  We ask that you alter your Halloween plans since children will be safer if we wait until conditions in Fairfield improve.  Once again activities should be limited to daylight hours on Saturday.  We appreciate  your cooperation. 


For upate information contact OEM 973-882-2700 extension 739

 10/30/2012-6:00pm-This message is from Police Chief Voelker. Due to the continuing state of emergency and the poor conditions on most of our sidewalks and roadways, with debris and live wires being down, I ask that no pedestrians be out after 6pm. We ask that you refrain from driving after this time as well, since vehicular travel is still dangerous and especially  more difficult after dark. 

Parents are asked to make sure that their children stay inside with you or accompany you if you have to leave if you have any reason.


10/30/2012-3:00PM-This message is from the Township of Fairfield with an update on the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  Electricty has been restored to portions of the town and we are continuing to coordinate with PSE&G to restore all power as soon as possible.  It is extremely important to avoid any downed wires since they may still pose a very serious safety threat.


In an effort to efficiently remove downed trees and limbs, we are asking residents to bring them to the street, but placed behind the curb line.  Trees and limbs should be limited to those with a diameter of six inches or less.  It is critically important not to comingle tree brances with leaves already on the roadway.  This will make the removal of leaves much more difficult.


We appreciate your cooperation in assisting us to provide cleanup efforts more timely and effective.


 10/30/2012-12Noon-We received notification from PSE&G that they are attempting to energize the West Essex electrical grid.  Should the grid be activated the possibilty of down electrical wires being extremely dangerous exist.  DO NOT approach any wires.  If you see any arching wires on the roadway call the Police Department at 973-227-1400.  Please share this information with anyone you are in contact with.  For updates please contact OEM 973-882-2700 extension 739.

 10/29/2012-2:30pm-Due to conditions caused by Hurricane Sandy the Township offices will be closed on Tuesday, October 30th.  In the event of an emergency contact OEM 973-882-2735.  All other municipal services will resume on Wednesday, October 31st.

10/29/2012-12Noon-This update on Hurricane Sandy is from the Township of Fairfield.  The most recent information provided by the National Weather Service indicates that Fairfield and surrounding areas should receive between 3-5 inches of rainfall.  This information is consistent with previous predictions.  Accordingly our focus for the duration of this event will be on wind damage and loss of power.  It is strongly suggested that you remain in doors for the duration of the hurricane.  The expected wind velocity will be between 60-80mph and in the event of downed power lines contact the Police Department @ 973-227-1400 and stay clear of down lines.  At this time the Township is not opening a shelter however, anyone in need of such shoud contact OEM 973-882-2735 and provisions will be made with the Essex County shelter.  Garbage collection for Tuesday is suspended and normal collection will resume on Thursday and Friday.


For emergency updates on the storm pleae call 973-882-2700 extension 739

 10/28/2012-9:15pm-Fairfield and West Essex School Districts will be closed Monday 10/29/2012 and Tuesday 10/30/2012

 10/28/2012-6:30PM-Garbage Collection has been suspended and will resume Thursday, November 1st. Please refrain from placing any garbage at the curb until collection has resumed.


For current updates contact OEM 973-882-2700 extension 739

 10/28/2012-2:00PM-This message is from the Township of Fairfield updating you with information on Hurricane Sandy.  Current information suggests that coastal areas of New Jersey will experience severe impacts that exceed that of Hurricane Irene.  However, in Fairfield, based upon information available to us at this time, we are cautiously optimistic.  We anticipate possible wind damage and power outages, but based on projected river levels (USGS) of 18 feet on Wednesday 10/31/2012, we do not expect any road closures.

This cautious optimism is due to the fact that the major contributors to last year's floods, the saturated ground, reserviors that were filled to capacity and river levels that were 5 feet higher after ten (10) days of rain, do not exist today.  Reservior levels are below 75%, which greatly decreases devastating run off and the Passaic River is 5 feet below last year's level.

There is still reason to be prepared but no need for panic.  Be sure to secure items that may cause damage due to Hurricane winds.  Keep emergency flashlights and 2 to 3 days of food on hand.

We will continually update you as conditions unfold.

Our next scheduled update will be tomorrow, Monday at Noon.

For current updates contact OEM 973-882-2700 extension 739

 10/26/2012-4:00 PM -Currently the tracking of the storm is predicted to impact our area sometime Monday morning 10/29/2012.  Wind gusts are anticipated to range from 30-70 mph.  It is advisable to secure or relocate any items that may be impacted by high winds.  In the event there are "down power lines" it is important to notify the Police Department (973) 227-1400 and to keep clear of the down power lines.


For information on how to build a “Basic Disaster Preparedness Kit” go to

10/26/12 - 12:00 Noon - According to the current information available the impact of flooding is not expected to be anywhere at the level of Hurricane Irene.  However, there will be moderate flooding along the low lying areas of the Passaic River.  There will be flashing flooding on some local and county roads during the height of the storm which is projected for Monday (night) into Tuesday. High winds are expected to cause severe damage and power outages which can last well into the week.  All homeowners should have a “family emergency preparedness kit” readily available.

SAND BAG STATION Sand bags will be available for residents only starting Saturday morning at 9am behind Town Hall. 


10/25/2012 3:35pm - As you are aware there is potential storm anticipated.  As the Township receives information regarding the storm we will post on Channel 34/43 and the Township website.